Friday, December 30, 2011

99 years ago...

Today would have been my Nanny's 99th birthday.  She went home to be with Jesus almost 6 years ago.  I had meant to take a very special picture while I was at my mom's house to share with you all today but I forgot to do it.  I was going to take a picture of an old teacup that is crusted with sugar.  Why an old crusted over teacup?  That old teacup holds lots and lots of memories.

When I was growing up, my Nanny taught me how to bake.  I think that is one of the reasons I love baking as an adult.  Nanny loved it and she passed that on to me.  She used that old teacup to measure her sugar.  Of course when I was a teenager and taking Home Economics, I explained to her that it wasn't an accurate form of measurement and would most certainly mess up the baked goods.  Nanny humored me and we used measuring cups.  I'm not sure why I or she did not think to measure out one cup with a measuring cup and fill the teacup with it.  We never did.  I did that a couple of months ago.  Guess what?  I was exactly one cup!  In honor of my Nanny, my sugar canister now has a teacup from the stonewear set that she blessed me with for my hope chest when I was in junior high.  I measured it too.  One cup. 

Over my life, Nanny and I built many special memories.  I have tons of pictures but none of them are scanned in.  However, if you can picture the perfect grandma, you'd have my Nanny.  Just to clarify who Nanny was, she was my mother's great grandmother.  To me, she was just Nanny.  The woman who let me sleep with her in her full sized bed when I spent the night with her.  She even made sure my pillow had my special pillow case on it.  It was an old, vintage pillow case with ballerinas on it.  It was lovely with fair dancers wearing soft pink tutus.  She had a nightgown for me at her house that she made.  As I grew, I guess she made new ones because I always had a nightgown at Nanny's house when I spent the night.  Before bed, Nanny told me stories like Little Red Riding Hood and nursery rhymes like Little Boy Blue.  LOL...I won a nursery rhyme contest at a baby shower once because of that!

When we'd wake up in the mornings, Nanny would head to the bathroom first and light the little gas heater in the bathroom.  She wanted it toasty warm for me to go into.  Now, don't laugh, but I always asked her if she had used the bathroom yet because I wanted to know if the toilet seat was warm.  Yes, my sweet little Nanny went in there and sat on a cold toilet seat first so it would be warm for my bottom.  She thought about the smallest, silliest details.

It was a rare thing for me to have cold cereal at my Nanny's house.  I know she and Papa ate it because they always had corn flakes there.  However, when I stayed with them, Nanny cooked breakfast.  You would have thought she was a short order cook.  Papa liked his eggs fried as did Nanny.  I didn't care for fried eggs back then so she scrambled mine.  Just for me.  She also made biscuits and we put homemade jelly or preserves on them.  Nanny made the best peach, fig, and other preserves and jellies.

Sometime while I was with them, Nanny and I would bake.  It depended on my mood as to what we cooked.  She always baked whatever struck my fancy.  She made the best peanut butter cookies.  That was one of the first things I learned to bake.  Of course we used that teacup to measure the sugar.

Someday, many years from now, I hope I can build wonderful memories like these with my grandchildren.  I hope that they can look back at my old teacup and remember how much I loved them.  Of all my memories, the most precious is that my Nanny loved me very very very much.

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  1. Made me want to cry...Momma did spoil u! They did eat cereal but it was mainly for aupper not breakfast. At Christmas...she wanted to make sure she apent the ezxact amount on everyone...cause she sisnt want to hurt anyones feelings. I miss her so much..she always told me she missed her mom years after she passesd...I know she was speaking the truth...yes...the sugar cup is still in use...Gidget asked for it..but there r some things I just cant let go of....what memeories....thank u Gidget for making Autumn Nannys rice crispy peanut butter treats for Thanksgiving....brought such fonds ans cherish your Nannys....they leave smiles on your least my momma did!