Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gidget Goes CRAZY!

I'd like to scream.  There are many many reasons I do not like to move.  Like reasons beyond the driving and packing and well, all that stuff.  For example, I can't find anything.  We finally found our stoneware plates so we got to eat on REAL plates.  However, the flatware is somewhere else.  Who knows where that box is.  Well, it's in the garage, but, really, do YOU want to look through all those boxes?

I didn't think you did.  Tomorrow my unpacking/getting settled goal is to move all the boxes into a more orderly fashion.  Each room will have a section in the garage for boxes and we'll put boxes with a mixture of stuff on the shelves.  My second goal is to set up beds.  We're sleeping on mattresses on the floor right now.  Blah.

So, there's the getting settled update.  It's driving me CRAZY!

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