Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gidget Goes to Indiana--Days 2-4

I've been having some issues getting my blog to work.  It could very well have been an IOE (idiot operator error).  Everything seems to be working great now so I'll just catch up.  :)

Day 2
We were in Clovis, NM getting our stuff out of storage.  Lemme tell ya, the day didn't start off all that great.  We got up too late to have a leisurely breakfast; anyone who knows me well knows I like to have a big, leisurely breakfast.  Ok, so that didn't go that great.  It's all right. 

Next we went to the home of some friends/former church members.  Everything went fine there.  We got our stuff they had been borrowing and headed to the storage unit.  Oh. my. goodness.  We got straight to work and I was near tears.  I told Pastor Husband, "If I knew who to hire, I'd hire someone to help us."  Well, Pastor's parents were there and had gone to breakfast.  When they came back, they brought help!  Pastor Mother-in-law (MIL) told Pastor FIL that he and hubby couldn't do much because of heart conditions and disability.  She said there was no way I could do everything; "we have to get some help."  She asked the waitress if she knew someone!  I LOVE my MIL!! 

With the help of the two young men Pastor FIL hired, we got it emptied and completely loaded into the truck in two hours.  Really, the only downside was that we had to pay a whole month's storage rent because we were two days into the new month.  My advice to avoid that:  Don't rent from Uhaul.

After we finished loading, we had to check into some personal financial business.  We had been praying about it for several months.  God completely worked a miracle!  Praising Him still for this!  We are now free of some bondage that has been on us since July!

We had lunch with Pastors MIL & FIL at Juanito's in Clovis.  It's our fave mexican place there.  All the employees wanted to know where we've been.  We were thrilled to tell them we're moving to Indiana.  :)

After a few tears, we said goodbye to hubby's parents.  I have a feeling Pastor MIL cried on their drive home.  Here's a pic of them.
My in-laws:  Don and Wenona Pettey

Finally, we drove and drove and drove some more.  We made it to Abilene, TX.  We were happy to stay in our usual motel, the Whitten Inn.  If you're ever in Abilene, it's a great place to stay!

Day 3
After a wonderful breakfast at the Whitten Inn, we headed out to my parents house.  First we had to fill up our gas tanks.  Here's another pic for ya!
 Pastor Husband putting diesel into the moving truck.

Our moving truck.

If you haven't been through Dallas, TX in a while (or ever), people there have driving issues.  Like many of them apparently don't know how to drive.  Ugh.  All in all, it wasn't too bad.  It was worth a treat though.  :D
My salted carmel hot chocolate from Starbucks.

We finally got home and loaded more stuff into the truck and packed and packed and packed.  My friend, Josh Miles, was kind enough to come out and help load our piano onto the moving truck.  Wasn't that sweet?!  He's a great guy!

Day 4
We started our day today by finishing loading the moving truck.  We ended up leaving 3 hours later than what we wanted to.  That's ok.  We just stopped in Texarkana, AR and filled up our gas tanks again.  Went inside and picked up lunch (thank you, mom and dad for lunch!).  We didn't have to stop again until we got to North Little Rock, AR.  That was just to stretch and go to the restroom.  Of course we waled the dogs.  Last pic...
Pastor Husband, the pastoral children, and pastoral doggies

Finally tonight we made it to West Memphis, AR.  I am NOT impressed.  I find it creepy.  I don't know why so don't ask.  I just don't suggest staying here if you don't have to.  If any of you are from West Memphis, well, I'm sorry.

So, that catches us up.  Tomorrow we'll drive and drive some more then end up at our new home.  I'll try to update tomorrow with some pics of the rest of our trip and our new house.  However, I might not be able to.  Please just bear with me.  Goodnight, friends!


  1. I had to laugh through out this. Hope you guys get setteled quickly.

  2. I'm so excited for you guys. God has some rockin blessings in store for your family. I'm just certain of it!

  3. Let's just say there's a reason for the saying, "He's drivin' like an old Texan." hahaha. But I still love it here. ;-)