Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas Time is coming!

Christmas time is coming!  I decided I better start getting ready now.  Pastor Husband and I have looked at Advent Calendars year after year but haven't really liked any of them or they've been so expensive that I just couldn't see spending that much money.  So where do I look for something different?  Pinterest of course!  I found this and decided this is what we would do.  I've now started saving my tin cans (which is a challenge because we use mostly frozen veggies but it's soup time so we do have cans of tomatoes!) and we'll be going to buy some spray paint very soon.  

What am I going to put in those cans?  Well, the thought did occur to me  to put candy in them.  Since my entire family struggles with weight issues, I decided that was a bad idea.  Instead I made a list of 24 things to do as a family.  They're not all about Jesus or all even about Christmas but they're all things we can do TOGETHER.  Here's my list... 

Day 1:  Watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Day 2:  Go to the Crawfordsville Christmas parade; get coffee or hot chocolate to drink while there.

Day 3:  Read How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Day 4:  Play Marbles

Day 5:  Make wassail punch and invite friends over after school to have some

Day 6:  Make paper snowflakes

Day 7:  Bake cookies as a family

Day 8:  watch The Polar Express

Day 9:  Hand out Christmas cards and cookies to our church family

Day 10:  Read The Polar Express

Day 11:  Watch Muppet Christmas Carol

Day 12:  Make Christmas ornaments

Day 13:  Watch The Santa Clause Movies wearing Santa hats

Day 14:  Play UNO Roboto

Day 15:  Watch Charlie Brown Christmas

Day 16:  Get coffee/hot chocolate and look at Christmas lights after church

Day 17:  Read Twas the Night Before Christmas

Day 18:  Turn off the lights, sing Christmas carols, sip apple cider around the lit Christmas tree.
As a reward, you get to camp out by the Christmas tree tonight!

Day 19:  Make paper Poinsettias

 Day 20:  Play Trash Train

Day 21:  Watch original Miracle on 34th Street

Day 22:  Open Christmas presents

Day 23:  Watch It’s a Wonderful Life

Day 24:  Read the Christmas story from the Bible

We'll also be  lighting our advent candles and talking about what they mean.  What is your family doing to countdown to Christmas?