Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My mommy!

Ok, so I meant to do this on my mom's birthday, but, well, I'm scatterbrained so I didn't.  My momma turned 53 this past Sunday.  I should have taken a pic for this post before I moved but again with the scatterbraininess so no pic.

My mom is great!  She can also be a little scatterbrained (see...I get it from my mom  :D).  She has been married to my dad for almost 38 years.  She's the mother of two GREAT daughters...see earlier post about my little sister and of course you already know how great I am.  <blushing>

In all seriousness, let me tell you about her.  She married my dad when she was 15.  By this time my mom was running her father's business.  After she had me, she took me to work at said business.  In case you're wondering, NO she was not pregnant.  She got pregnant with me 3 months after she got married.  She did it on purpose.  I wasn't an accident.  I was born exactly a week after she turned 16.  Mom worked part time at various places when I was a little girl and my Nanny babysat me while mom worked.  Um, MY personal favorite that she worked at was Dairy Queen (can we say yummy ice cream?!).  When I was in high school, my mother went to college.

Mom first got her BSW.  She worked in a nursing home for a while and then went to work for the Department of State Health Services.  She is, and has been for a looooooong time, a social worker for chronically ill and disabled children.  She is an amazing social worker.  She works hard to get kids the things they need to make their quality of life better.  Everything from transportation to doctor appointments (she's even gotten cars donated to families) to medical equipment to nursing services.  She's spent her own money to make sure her kiddos have gotten Christmas gifts and taken her own time to go take their senior pictures because their parents couldn't afford the ones from the school.  Through all of that, she's even made time to go back to school and get her MSW.  In addition, she teaches part time for the school of social work at Texas A & M University in Commerce, TX.  Yeah, she rocks that social work gig!

Besides being a social worker, my mom is also an ordained minister.  She has not only served as Childrens Pastor and Youth Pastor but also as Associate Pastor.  IMO, there have been a couple of pastors that have really missed out on having someone great on staff because they have passed her over.  She's an awesome preacher but above that, she LOVES the people and the church.  She is always willing to serve in the church in whatever capacity she is needed...secretary, preaching, scrubbing is there.  Mom is very dedicated to God and loves HIM more than anything or anyone else.  She also rocks being a minister!

Oh, she does more!  She is also a Make A Wish volunteer for the Make A Wish Foundation of Northeast Texas.  What does she do for MAW?  Why, she is a wishgranter, of course.  She goes out of her way to make every child's wish as special as that child is.  Everything from computers, to shopping sprees, to trips to Disney, mom is there getting the wish, throwing parties, and giving gifts.  She rocks being a wish fairy!

Of course she is also a wife and a mother and a daughter.  I could go on for forever about those she took care of me when I was barfing up my toenails, took sister and I to all sorts of events and appointments, took care of my daddy after heartattacks, a stroke, and open heart surgery.  She took care of my Nanny and Papa when they got old.  She walked with them through life and stayed with them until they went to be with Jesus.  Yeah, she rocks that too!

So, you've caught a little glimpse of my momma.  She ROCKS!

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