Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Pantry Challenge

Well, I figured I wouldn't be all that faithful blogging about our pantry challenge.  I also figured we wouldn't do all that great.  Well, we've done much better than what I thought!  LOL...probably helps that we're broke, huh?  ;)

Today for breakfast we had something from the grocery store.  Doughnuts from Albertsons.  Ok, that's one of our not so good moments.  Lunch was ham sandwiches.  Dinner tonight was extra cheesey cheeseburger macaroni.  I added garlic to mine.  Mmmmmmmm good!

Tomorrow will be an unusual day for us because Pastor Husband has a doctor appointment.  I'm going to figure out something easy for breakfast in the morning, after I balance our checkbook I'll decide what we'll do for lunch, and I'll throw something in the crockpot for dinner.  IF we have the money, we'll go out for lunch somewhere cheap.  Think Cici's Pizza.  If not, I'll make some sandwiches and take bottles of water to drink.  Everyone but little man #2 will have ham (no cheese since that little snot ate all of our sliced cheese today).  Little man #2 will have an almond butter sandwich.  I'm hoping I can trick him into drinking a refilled bottle of water.  I'll be thinking in the next little bit (while I'm being tortured watching High School Musical 3) what I'll be putting in the crockpot.  Guess that depends on what is available too. 

Everyone have a blessed day!  Enjoy what God has blessed you with!

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