Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 9? of Pantry Challenge

For breakfast this morning we had bacon, eggs, and biscuits.  YUMMY!  Lunch was different for all of us.  Pastor husband wasn't here so he waited until dinner, kids had ramen soup, and I had three slices of bologna, three slices of cheese (american), and 2 TBSP of sour cream.  Yes, sour cream.  I love bologna, cheese, and sour cream.  Dinner was chipolte seasoned italian sausages from the freezer, mashed potatoes from the freezer, and salad.

While I'm doing this, I'm working to keep my blood sugar under control.  It's NOT easy to do since I have a lot of things I don't need to eat in my pantry.  Today has been good though.  It hasn't gotten over 174 (that was after the tators).  Not too bad!

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  1. Love this idea...I am doing the clean out the pantry freezer thing here as well but love the idea behind how you are doing it. And...sour cream makes everything better IMHO!! :)