Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pastor Appreciation Month

This month is pastor appreciation month in the Church of God.  Today we were appreciated.  We didn't have a big crowd but it was very special and I think those who were supposed to be there were there. 

After Praise & Worship we were asked to take seats on the platform (well, I was...dh was already there).  One of the men in our church did a human video to the song Thank You for Giving to the Lord (is that actually the name of the song?).  Then his wife read some scripture about the man of God.  We were presented with a gift certificate for Red Lobster and a promise of FREE babysitting so we could have a date!!!  Ok, I'll admit, to ME that was the bomb!  ;0)  I was also presented with beautiful flowers.  The husband then told Pastor Husband how broken hearted he was when hubby's guitar was stolen.  Pastor Husband was presented with a new guitar!  He was over-joyed.  It was awesome!

Another scripture was read and the husband washed our feet.  That was beautiful and humbling in and of itself.  However, it was even more special because the man has serious issues with feet!  I mean serious.  This was a huge sacrifice and act of love and it was so special to us.

To the people of New Beginnings Church of God:  Thank you!  You truely blessed us and surprised us with a special day.


  1. Wow...what a wonderful way to be appreciated. It sounds lovely.

  2. Oh how wonderful!!! That is so sweet of them...and you guys so deserve it <3

  3. What a wonderful thing they did for you! And I'm with babysitting so you can go on a date??? WOOT!

  4. What a blessing, and such great expressions of love.

  5. What a nice way to bless you guys!