Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ok, hair conditioner experiment over.  It just didn't work well for me.  I ended up being super oily.  Yuk.  I looked for the bar shampoo at Makin It Natural but they didn't have it.  Big Lots had some shampoo for frizzy hair that was supposed to help curls to stay curly without frizzing.  I've used it twice now along with a leave in conditioner by Infusium.  It was just meh yesterday.  Today my hair went straight!  I'm not sure how I feel about that.  Thank you, my friends, for all the suggestions.  I'm sure I'll be trying something else in a month.  Might even cut it for the summer.  There's a man in our church who cuts his wife and daughters' hair; he said he'd do mine if I need him to.  I think I might need him to.

Now that I've given a hair update, on to other things. 

I have been thinking about other people's drama a lot lately.  I am SO not a drama person.  Just don't like it at all.  Last week, Pastor Husband and I were just overwhelmed with other people's drama.  I tried to tell my mom that I wasn't used to church people's drama but she reminded me that it's just been a while and I forgot.  I will say that I do remember drama from our first two churches and from being youth pastors.  It was just different drama, parent drama, activity drama, people lying about us drama.  This is just crazy drama.  Some of it they've done to themselves.  It's almost like if there's no drama, they create it because they thrive on it.  That's crazy!

I've also been thinking about helping others.  My parents were always helping others.  I hadn't realized how many people are unwilling to help others until recently.  Honestly, it just breaks my heart.  I get SO sick of hearing christians complain about social welfare, yet they don't do their part.  What happened to helping widows and orphans?  What happened to the church helping people out who are down on their luck?  In my opinion, if the church isn't going to offer a solution to the problem, they should keep their mouths shut.  As for me and my family, I can say that as long as God blesses us, we will bless others. 

That brings me to the crazy housing situation in Clovis.  It's nuts!  We're looking for a 3 bedroom house.  Nothing fancy.  Something livable that the floors aren't falling in and the shower floor isn't rotten.  I'm NOT picky.  The prices for said decent living is out of this world.  It's also very competitive. If you find something you want, you better apply and pay the deposit immediately!  We're going to call about a house first thing in the morning to arrange to view it.  If we like it, we'll be having our application processed and paying the deposit right then.

The Lighthouse Mission (ministry to the homeless) is full.  They have no temporary housing available.  Very few owners are willing to take HUD/Section 8 vouchers.  We don't have vouchers but some of our church members do and they can't find a place to live that will take them.  They're currently living in our fellowship hall.  We're certainly not making them sleep on the streets.  It all goes back to behaving like christians!  We would do this for any of our church members.

So I guess I should ask.  What are YOU doing to help others?  Are you complaining and not offering a solution?  Are you actively helping others?  Are you showing others the love of Jesus through your actions?  I pray my friends and family are serving Jesus through serving others.  I pray you're not being selfISH rather being selfLESS.

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