Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This housing situation is about to drive me NUTS.  We might have someone who will help us buy a mobile home so we went and looked at some today.  We found several that we like.  The one we are most interested in is a brand new 16x84.  With a little over 1200 sqft, the bedrooms are large, the kitchen is eat in and has tall countertops so Wendon and I won't have aching backs from our tall selves bending over the sink to wash dishes.  Not that we'd have to do a whole lot of that since there's a dishwasher.  the master bath has a nice garden tub with separate shower that is HUGE.  Wendon and I both love the shower!  We could order it the way we want it but I love it the way it is so we'd buy the model.

I think we could use some prayer on this. 


  1. Oh Gidget!! I am praying for y'all regarding this!

  2. Praying, praying, praying :D

  3. Praying for discernment.