Thursday, March 15, 2012

I just wanted to share an AWESOME website for your ministry needs today.  If you're in ministry, you should check out  It rocks!  For around $98 you can get all sorts of deals.  We've gotten curriculum for Children's Church that rocks.  The last deal we got was over $1600 of Uncle Charlie Children's worship resources for $98.  AWESOME AWESOME deal!  First of all, Uncle Charlie rocks.  Seriously.  These resources have not only been enjoyed by our childrens' church group, but they have gotten my 8 y.o. son interested and wanting to worship!  That's worth the money, let me tell ya!  What made this even more awesome?  That made it possible for me to have top notch praise and worship for my children's church at a price that I could afford. 

Check them out! 

Oh, I just wanted to say how awesome they are.  I didn't get anything for saying all this.  :D

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