Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My mind is muddled

I haven't blogged because I haven't known what to type up.  There is so much going on in my head.  Most of it is complaining about having no water for over a week now at home.  Yeah, hard to be domestic with no water.  So my dishes are piled up.  Those of you who REALLY know me know that's pretty common at my house.  I just hate doing dishes.  HATE it.

Laundry has also backed up.  Really, really backed up.  Noah is messy.  His momma (that would be me) really doesn't like her kidlets to wear nasty clothes.  It's been a huge struggle for me to see him wearing the same dirty things all day long.  Yes, it is MY fault Noah changes clothes so much.  I loved getting dirty when I was a little girl, but I didn't like to stay dirty.  I had to have on clean clothes and a clean body!  Guess I've been making a lotta laundry for 36 years.

Another issue coming from NO water is the toilets cannot be flushed after every use.  That seriously bothers me.  Seriously.  Human waste reeks.  Yes, we've been flushing with buckets of water but really.  that just does not cut it!  It's disgusting.  Really disgusting.

Finally we have the bath situation.  Obviously with no water there are no baths.  Well, no baths that take place under a running hot showerhead.  So glad my Nanny taught me how to take a sink bath!  Thank you, Nanny!  So I've armed myself with about a gallon of hot water, a washcloth, a couple of towels, shampoo, and my coconut shower gel from Bath & Body Works.  I'm clean and I smell good!

So it sounds like I'm just gonna do a lot of murmuring and complaining.  Nope.  Well, yeah, I have but I'm not done yet!  I'm very blessed!!!  We've had sub-zero temperatures with a windchill of -33 degrees.  Many people don't have a home that keeps that freezing wind off of them.  They don't have families that warm their hearts and give them someone to snuggle with.  They don't have pets to lay on their feet and buy little sweaters for.  I had all that, so far have kept electricity, had cable tv, and a computer to pass the time.  I've had a couple of excellent books to snuggle down with under an electric blanket.  No, my house isn't all that great.  We've been cold and I'm not sure our house hit 50 degrees when the windchill was -33.  I'm just thankful that my family wasn't trying to keep from literally freezing to death under a bridge somewhere.

Thank you, Jesus!

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  1. Can you believe how cold it was just a month and a half ago!?!?!

    And you're so right - praise God we HAVE a place to be, out of the elements. <3